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December, 1977

Photo courtesy of JB

Top left to right:  Rooster, Fat Al, JB, Woody, Ride Off, Myron, far right Stick with son
Middle:  Chef, Bush, Buffalo, Perfect, Drifty, Fast Bob, Greasy
Middle - 2nd row starting in front of Myron:  Rusty, Fly, Flash, Smitty (fucking rat piece of shit)
Bottom:  RB, Forehead, Smiley, Dick, Snooz, Little Jimmy, Wrong Way, Freddie, Joanie, Grumpy
 Bikes:  Drifty, Rooster, JB, Little Jimmy, Stick

I took this next photo outside the RIO ROJO BAR on the second (1978) Florence Prison Run.
The prison is visible in the background. There were fewer than 50 people on that run (almost all Dirty Dozen).
Directly below it is a photo showing what that run has grown into in recent years.

Bikes as far as you can see.

I see it every day out on the road. There's a lot more people up on two wheels these days.

Young riders giving me that low wave like they're  my brothers.  Some times, if I'm in a good mood, I'll  nod or wave back.

I guess I've gotta get over it.  I still remember back to the 1950s when I started riding. It was all Indians and Harleys those days.  I guess I probably irritated a few people doing donuts in their yards and other hooligan stuff.  I think my ass grew roots into that seat.  I'm, admittedly, still a hooligan.

But when I look at this photo and recent videos of the Florence Prison run I see people with different patches on their backs, people on baggers, and people on zippy street bikes. I see every kind of person who's discovered the joy of getting the wind in their face.  And we, 1%rs, started it.  Maybe they are brothers and sisters.






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